Sunday School
Leader: Dennis Porter

Ministry Through Gaming?

As you can see on the Events Schedule, we have an upcoming Board Game Night on November 30th. I’ve had it on my heart for a while now to get folks together for a night of playing board games. The reason why is that over the past year, I’ve grown convinced of the ministry potential of getting people together simply to slow down and play a game.

Sound crazy? I know it does, but since my friend opened a tabletop game store last August here in Hugo, I’ve visited many times, and in those visits, I’ve met complete strangers, shared in learning experiences as we go over rules and gameplay together, and had great laughs and meaningful conversation that I never would have had without the game.

One of the hardest parts about Christian outreach is being able to approach strangers, and through playing a game, that experience can become easier. I’ve played Bible-based games, and I’ve had professed unbelievers in the store come up and become very interested in them. It’s allowed me opportunity to reach out to them and tell them about my faith. It’s amazing that God can work in a multitude of ways, and I think He can work just through the relationships that come from playing together.

There are now so many games available that, while you may not like some games, I guarantee there are some out there for you. Fun comes from discovering these for ourselves and then finding others that like what we like!

So, I write all of this to hopefully show that as we have an upcoming event on November 30th, you might know people that would be interested in coming to play. Maybe God could use it as a way to begin a person’s relationship with us here at this church? Whoever said Christians can’t have fun and minister too?





























   November 2018   
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