Sunday School
Leader: Dennis Porter

A New Year, A Renewed Focus

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I came here to Oak Grove, but here we are a year later. After what I feel has been an amazing year working with both the music & youth programs, it’s an exciting prospect knowing that in many ways, we are really just getting started. While it would be easy to repeat everything that worked and avoid anything that didn’t and just stay there, I believe that the Lord wants His people to keep their eyes open to the world around them, addressing the needs that present themselves and combating the challenges that are particular to the times we are in.

While each New Year, resolutions are made, many aren’t kept for very long. Instead of reaching for a typical goal of this sort (which I must stress aren’t necessarily bad), I would challenge all believers here to resolve to renew their focus on seeing the many ways they can assist in leading the lost to Christ. This world is becoming more and more complicated, and the issues we face are pulling society farther from being in a place to be natural seekers of the Gospel truth. If there was ever a time for believers worldwide to “get serious” about sharing Jesus and engaging the lost for Him, now is the time! We don’t have a moment to lose, because the most precious of matters is on the line: people’s souls.

  1. Jesus returns, I think matters will only get worse before they get better, but this church is blessed in so many ways to effectively reach the lost for Jesus. With a dedication of our determination and creativity, I feel there are still ways unknown to us that the Lord seeks to use us and will do so if we obey His lead. I challenge you all to say “Yes” before you say “No” to new opportunities to serve Christ this year. With the growth we’ve experienced in 2018, I know wholeheartedly that God wants to do amazing things through Oak Grove this year, and it is my pleasure to serve alongside you all to see them through to completion.
  3. Colby



   January 2019   
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