Sunday School
Leader: Dennis Porter

Oklahoma Spring

Spring is here.  There is new grass to mow, limbs to trim, and spring flowers popping up all over.  Although these signs are appreciated by most everyone, most of us suffer from that Southeast Oklahoma affliction called allergies.  We mow – we sneeze; we smell the flowers – we sneeze, and don’t forget coughing, too.  It’s an Oklahoma thing.  Just go along with it.

It’s life in Choctaw County.  We love spring.  We plant vegetable gardens and flowers and trees.  We enjoy the sunsets and the seasonal rainstorms that pass.  But we keep a careful eye in the clouds.  There are occasions where the clouds get all muddled up and a terrible storm will come out of it.  These are called tornados and we don’t like these at all.  God in His infinite wisdom has created all things for good.  We don’t quite get the tornado thing, but God made it, so it is good according to His purposes.  Genesis 8:22 tells us that seasons and weather were created by God for man.

This a new year.  The Sunday School program at Oak Grove continues to grow in number and contacts.  God is blessing this congregation in a mighty way.  We invite you to come to Sunday School.  Bring your children, grandchildren, husbands and wives.  The Holy Bible is taught in all classes.  Come.  We have a place just for you.  See you in Sunday School.

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  April 2018  
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